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Abiding Hope Nature School

Nurtured In Nature   

Support Abiding Hope Preschool

If you are looking for a unique way to support Abiding Hope Preschool, we have created an Amazon Wish List of items often needed by the staff. You can access our list here:

Our staff often uses Teachers Pay Teachers for lesson plans, decorations and project ideas. Gift cards are always appreciated. Purchases can be made at If you send to, she will distribute among the staff, or you may send to your teacher's class email.

Forest Playground

Why Nature School

Humans have been using nature and the environment around them to learn and problem solve for thousands of years. Nature is the perfect classroom thousands of "loose parts" can be found in the outdoors. Loose parts play is using everyday items in versatile ways.  Being outside and engaged in unstructured outdoor play stimulates imagination, and is great practice in self-regulation and teamwork. Children gain a great sense of pride and self-esteem when they create and execute ideas on their own.   

Concentrated Girl

Benefits of Inclusive Classrooms

Inclusion in classrooms is beneficial to all students. The instruction is tailored to each individual meeting the needs of all. This creates high expectations as the same material is taught to all children however, it is differentiated to their learning style and developmental level. Differences and disabilities are celebrated which cultivates community and empathy.  

Dry Sticks

We are hiring

If you are interested in joining our team, please call 303-932-9160 for more information. 

Job descriptions and applications are located on the Careers page under the About Us tab.

Blueberry Bush

Dream Big at Abiding Hope Nature-Based Learning Center

Abiding Hope Nature School is a licensed program accepting children ages 6 weeks to 6 years of age for the nature-based, preschool program, as well as for our summer program that is available June through select weeks in August. 

We are open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We follow the Jeffco School Calendar closely and are closed for all holidays observed, including Federal Holidays. 


720-823-9294 main


5707 S. Simms St.
Littleton, CO 80127

Educational Toys
Abiding Hope Preschool & Kindergarten

Please also see our traditional, play-based preschool, located at Abiding Hope Church on the corner of Coal Mine & Simms. 


Worship at Abiding Hope

Saturdays at 5:30pm
Sundays at 8:15am and 10:30am

Family Life Sundays

Sundays at 9:30am in the Family Life Center

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