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Kin Collective

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Zoo-phonics: The Multi-sensory Language Arts Program

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Classroom Design

Each classroom at Abiding Hope schools include a Christ-centered environment that nurtures each child's gifts and helps each child grow socially, academically and in faith. Children will build relationships with God, friends, and adults, which will equip them to be the Heart, Hands, and Feet of Jesus in the World. Each classroom's design is based on Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory. Each person has capacities in each of the intelligences and each intelligence is unique and functions differently with each person. For exposure, development, and strengthening of these intelligences, the teachers use a variety of tools, provide an enriched environment, individualized instruction, and continual support and encouragement. 

Linguistic Intelligence

​Language development, sight words, leveled books, decoding strategies, readers/writers workshop, journals, independent reading.


Logical Mathematical Intelligence

Counting, patterning, number sense and recognition, graphing, sequencing, time, money, mathematical vocabulary, basic addition and subtraction, etc.


Spacial Intelligence

Artistic mediums and expressions (paint, chalk, drawing, sculpting, drama, etc.)

Musical Intelligence

Pitch, imitates rhythm patterns, performance, composition, recordings, instruments explore tonal patterns, remembers melodies, follow basic musical direction while playing instruments.


Interpersonal Intelligence

Relationships with God and people; weekly chapel, team building, leadership development, peer relationships.


Intrapersonal Intelligence

Relationship with self, emotional development (child feels valued & secure, develops self esteem, a sense of purpose, learns to be a self-starter and self directed).


Naturalistic Intelligence

Scientific exploration; space, dinosaurs, insects, hatch eggs, human body, senses. Scientific experiments; air, atoms, buoyancy, atmosphere, chemical reactions, etc.


Existential Intelligence

Learns through deep questioning; can place self within time and space. Experiences such as love of another human being or total immersion in a work of art.​​​

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