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Favorite Things

Jasmine Alvarez

Colorful Pens

Favorite Color

Every color except orange

Wooden Boxes



Going for a Walk


1 cat named Winter

Summer Vacation

Favorite Vacation

Colorful Birthday Party


February 6

Countryside Road

Favorite Place

Anywhere with my husband and kids

Girl with Shopping Bags

Favorite Store

TJ Maxx & Target

Candy from the Jar

Favorite Candy

Caramello, Reese's, Snickers & Life Saver Gummies

Food Photography

Favorite Food

Homemade Chocolate Chips

Favorite Cookie

Chocolate chip & Oatmeal

Fancy Restaurant

Favorite Restaurant

Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, The Melting Pot

Music Festival

Favorite Music

Library Bookshelves

Favorite Books

Romance & Thrillers

Film Clapboard

Favorite Movie or TV

Preschool Science Class

Favorite Subject in School

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